4 Weeks Until Rideau Lakes!

I have decided to ride fixed gear from Ottawa to Kingston (170 km or 105 miles), and back the next day, as part of the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. I rode it last year on a road bike, and aiming to do it faster this year on the same bike is not especially appealing to me. This year’s challenge: no coasting, one gear.

The bike:

Photo by Michael Bowley

I will be riding this Crew bike that my sweet friends at Aerosaur gifted to me.

What is left to do:

  • Find a comfortable saddle. Is there such a thing as a pain-free saddle?
  • Ride 1000 km in 2017. I am at 430 km from commuting.
  • Log a 120 km ride.
  • Ride the Champlain Lookout loop three times. One loop by itself and a double loop (these are training hills in Gatineau).
  • Get bike shoes that fit. Mine are two sizes too big…

The biggest challenges I am anticipating leading up to the ride are finding time to ride and eating healthy. I am somewhat unfit from a lack of winter training, as well as 15 lbs over my usual weight, however I am feeling confident that I can accomplish this!

Update: I injured my knee while running and could not bike for a few weeks. I was unable to do Rideau Lakes sadly. 

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