Winter Camping in Gatineau Park

Excellent facilities for an introduction to winter camping. 

Want to try winter camping? There are 5 winter campsites at Lac Renaud in Gatineau Park, as well as 2 sites for large groups (up to 25 people). It is $14.70 + tax per person, per night, and there is a reservation fee. The closest parking lot is P19, and the sites are 2.6 km away by cross-country skis and 3.5 km by snowshoes. You will need a Gatineau Park winter pass, which is $16/day for skiing or $8/day for snowshoeing.

We stayed at R05. The campsite has a fire pit with grill, and a picnic table. There are clean outhouses and a shed with firewood nearby.

It does not feel like the backcountry – you can see skiers on the adjacent trail and there is cell coverage. Still, you need to bring in everything on your back including water (or melt snow). Lac Renaud is a fun option to try braving the elements while knowing that your car is relatively close.

Paul and I parked at P17 in Wakefield for a longer ski and two friends joined on snowshoes from P19. It was relatively mild, around -8 °C (17 °F). We all had different shelters – a tarp, a tent fly, a tent, and a quinzhee.

Gatineau Park
Skiing by Lac Philippe. Photo by @paulmsg

Here is a video that Paul made:

Stay warm!

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