La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Killarney

Breathtaking multi-day trail featuring white quartzite ridges and turquoise lakes. La Cloche Mountain range is one of Ontario’s gems.

La Cloche Silhouette Trail is a 78 km loop in Killarney Provincial Park. It is a difficult thru-hike intended for experienced backcountry users. The trail markers lead you up and down rocky terrain that looks impossible but you do it, and mutter “Okayyy Kiki.” Features of the trail include “The Crack” and the Silver Peak lookout but I would not worry if you cannot spend much time there or do Silver Peak as the entire park is incredibly beautiful.

Erica and I hiked La Cloche counter-clockwise in September 2017 over 6 days. We arrived in Killarney later than expected and parked at the lot for The Crack (B2) after checking in, rather than at the park entrance. This allowed us to skip some kilometers on the first day. Most hikers complete the trail clockwise as the easier sections are hiked first when your pack is heaviest.

You need to reserve campsites in advance by phone, and some sites are very popular. Some personal favourites include Topaz Lake (H7), a private turquoise lake, and Proulx Lake (H48), another beautiful lake. Bodina Lake (H59) is less popular, it is more secluded and rugged, and promises the best wildlife opportunities in the park.

I suggest giving yourself as much time as much you can afford for your trip, and packing light! I would love to make La Cloche an annual tradition, and perhaps try it in the winter like these folks


Photos @adventuresofelm

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