Snowshoeing at Mont-Tremblant Resort

Snowshoeing opportunities on Mont-Tremblant may be overlooked. An alternative to skiing and snowboarding on the mountain.

To recreate my experience:

  1. Board the uOttawa/Carleton ski and snowboarding bus at 7 am on a Sunday, despite no longer being a student. Be the only ones with snowshoes. Students are coming directly from residence and wearing pyjamas. Some are 18 years old.
  2. Stop at McDonald’s. Watch the “sick” reel that’s being played on the bus. Hear about stoke and hype. And the after-party.
  3. Arrive at Tremblant before 10 am. You are re-directed from the ticket line outside, as snowshoeing passes are purchased inside. Wait in line some more. End up only buying a pedestrian gondola ride for $17.73.
  4. Ride the gondola with your snowshoes in tow.
  5. Get a little disoriented finding the Sommets trailhead (map here), having to go down the slope for a short distance before reaching it. Have fun on the incline.
  6. Be in awe of the beautiful snow-covered pine trees along quiet trails. Have lunch in a spot off the trail. Reach the lookout but see nothing as it is cloudy. Get disoriented in a loop. Find your way back.
  7. Explore Mont-Tremblant’s pedestrian village for a bit. Find a microwave in the chalet and have dinner there. Drink wine out of a thermos.
  8. Choose the non party bus rather than the party bus for the way back. Continue drinking wine, you are now a wine mom.
  9. Decline to shot-gun a beer at the mid-ride stop. Feel old.
  10. Return to uOttawa/Carleton around 8 pm.

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