Transportation, trip guide and gear rental service for parks near Ottawa. Increasing access to outdoor adventures. Passion project of Myandering.




Upcoming trips:

Backpacking in Frontenac Park 1 spot left without transportation for $60

Want to try backpacking (hiking into your campsite with your tent and other gear) but do not have the experience, opportunity, equipment, transportation? Join this 2-day trip to Frontenac Park, about two hours from Ottawa, and have Outdoormobile take care of the details.

We will be leaving Ottawa at 8 am and arriving at Frontenac at 10 am. It is a 4-6 hour hike to our campsite and a 3-5 hour hike on Sunday. Our trail is located in the most rugged part of the park. There are lookouts, waterfalls, and plenty of opportunities to go for a swim!

The cost is $80 per person including transportation, a guide, camping fees, food, and group equipment. Home pick up and drop off is included within 15 km of K1N. Food includes Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, Sunday lunch, and snacks. Most dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated.
The following personal equipment is needed and limited quantities are available for rent: lightweight and compact sleeping bag ($10), inflatable sleeping pad ($5) or sleeping mat, and hiking backpack ($10).

Your guide is My-An, she is an experienced backpacker with Advanced Wilderness First Aid certification.